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After all, most of us have never seen a TED Talk live — only as a recording.

Shifting between two camera angles is a subtle way to emphasis points and make transitions in thought visual.Quick switches to video or slides for support breaks up the monotony of a 20-minute talk, without devolving the presentation into either a television show or a slide deck narration.The result is crisp and informative — the viewer is left with the feeling they’ve learned something .It’s also a result you’d expect of a professional video production firm.TED Talks often appear TV-ready because they budget precisely for that level of production — a level that’s often far too high for most conference and event organizers.There is good news for anyone planning to capture the keynote at their next conference, convention, event, symposium, or any other address — improvements in technology are quickly making professional production seriously easy for just about anyone.

Not long ago, shooting high-quality video was possible only with top-of-the-line camcorders and trained specialists.

Today, many conference organizers find that everyday webcams shoot just as high a quality video — and often for no more than $100.

In only a few short years, the TED conference style has become the quintessential format required of any event where presentations are made and ideas are shared.

A single, charismatic presenter sharing story-structured, data supported ideas, supported with a small number of bold visuals from videos, animations, and slides projected on an oversized screen.

Today most conference keynotes, event addresses, and symposium discussions feature this classic simple, flexible style.

The presentation itself, however, is only one of the hallmarks of the TED style.

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