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Since Guyana joined the IDB in 1976, the Bank has worked with the country to build a stable economy on a foundation of strengthened infrastructure, public institutions, and continuing efforts to reduce poverty.The IDB is the country’s largest source of external financing.

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Since 2007, the Bank has extended FSO financing to the country in addition to loans from the Bank’s Ordinary Capital (OC) in the form of “blended loans.” In that same year, the IDB provided additional support by granting 100 percent debt relief to Guyana.The Bank’s investment strategy in Guyana targets measures to lay the groundwork for diversifying its economy to reduce reliance on a small group of exports and for further measures to strengthen social development.Priorities include: In 2010, the IDB approved $36.6 million in loans for Guyana, which included financing for a major highway extension south of the capital city of Georgetown and the third phase of a financial sector program designed to strengthen the government’s supervisory capacity, increase access to financial services, and improve transparency.In 2010, disbursments on IDB loans totaled $60.2 million.The IDB’s $2.9 million in grants to Guyana in 2010 included financing to support the development of hydropower as an alternative source of energy.Bank support for reducing poverty includes expanding housing opportunities, improving water and sanitation, reducing malnutrition, and boosting the effectiveness of social sector spending and services.

Read more Although Guyana’s economic fortunes have fluctuated considerably since its independence in 1966, the country has made encouraging progress in recent years toward stabilizing its macroeconomic situation.

Read more The debt relief package the Government of Guyana negotiated and obtained from the IDB in 2007 is helping that country’s government to maintain its high level of spending to reduce poverty in the face of continuing shocks in oil and food prices.

Over the past five years, the IDB has directed the largest share of its lending to Guyana to infrastructure ($106.3 million), followed by modernization of the state ($54 million), agriculture and rural development ($38.3 million), and support to the private sector ($32.4 million).

At the IDB, Guyana is represented by a chair on the Board of Executive Directors shared with Barbados, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Guyana holds shares equivalent to 0.16 percent of the Bank’s ownership.

The IDB works in partnership with Guyana to help the country build a stable economy on a foundation of strong infrastructure and efficient institutions.

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