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Unlovely to look at, it delivered on Paul’s aim to get feedback under control.

In the early 1940s he bought an Epiphone Broadway hollowbody and retrofitted it with his own hand-wound pickups and a rectangular steel bar body brace.Though “The Clunker,” as Paul nicknamed it, partially overcame feedback, it wasn’t until he began experimenting with solidbody designs that feedback was fully tamed.A tireless innovator, Les Paul was also a consummate guitar collector, constantly seeking new instruments to help realize his formidable jazz, country, and pop guitar chops. His solidbody prototype called “The Log” had a body made from a solid chunk of pine that was just a bit wider than the neck and fretboard, and a little deeper than a standard hollowbody guitar.Paul attached two wooden wings on either side of the slab giving The Log roughly the appearance of a conventional archtop guitar.Actually, this way the custom icon is not shown but the application icon is instead. I also tried adding the .desktop through gconf-editor but I haven't found the Unity entry.First, we’ll put the Les Paul in its historical context, then we’ll walk you through the many models available today.

Use this guide to pinpoint the Les Paul that matches up with your music, your style, and your budget.

The guitar that bears Les Paul’s name is among the most iconic instruments that have helped shape the sound of popular music.

Since its introduction in 1952, the LP’s rich, thick, midrange-focused tone, coupled with a prodigious ability to sustain notes has had a huge impact on the sound of rock, blues, metal, and those genre’s modern offshoots.

Though there’s some controversy about exactly who contributed what elements, it’s clear that the LP was the result of a fateful collaboration between Gibson president Ted Mc Carty and Les Paul, the brilliant country and jazz guitarist and compulsive inventor and tinkerer.

The trajectory of Gibson’s product line and Paul’s search for an electric guitar with more sustain and less feedback made that collaboration more or less inevitable.

Les Paul had struggled for years with the feedback generated by electric hollowbody guitars when their volume was cranked up.

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