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Well, I met with the 17yo, (who insisted they were friends) explained they were not allowed to see each other anymore, and thank goodness the 17yo obliged.

Well, she has blossomed now into a gorgeous, tall bombshell (I hate to say it) but since she joined Performing Arts, and gotten lead roles, it has really boosted her self esteem.Anyhow, my daughter has finally found her "soul mate" friends (she says) that really understand her and has been texting them (2 in particular) at all hours. I am very close with my daughter and started seeing something "more" going with her feelings wise for the 17 year old who played her opposite as the lead in the past play, where they also shared a kissing scene, multiple times.I asked her one night outright if she liked the 17 year old and she teared up and asked how I knew.I told her I was her mama and that I just knew and that I would love her unconditionally.She said she still liked both guys and girls, but she definitely liked the 17 year old and she couldn't help her feelings. Fast forward two weeks- we've told dad which was hard but he is supportive (ish) it's still new.We had to tell her that there is absolutely no way she can have sleepovers with the 13 year old and 17 old (which they were planning).

We've never fought with her in our life (she has always been so easy until now!

) She told me that her and the 17yo were "seeing each other" and that the 17yo has an "open" relationship with a boy as well, which means they can see other people.

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A little background- my daughter has never had a boyfriend/girlfriend or relationship and is in 8th grade.

She has always been young for her age and had a tough time identifying with other girls and kids at her school (we had issues of bullying- mostly to her being shy) in which we switched her schools in 3rd grade.

She was always the sweet, shy one, and so paranoid of her acne, which she has had from a young age.

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