3 year dating anniversary

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3 year dating anniversary - Online sex

This is as the 10/10/10 (600+ comments) page and the 11/11/11 (1,000+ comments) page. This page is here for folks born on December 12, ie, 12/12/xx, and for folks interested in the date singularity, .

The number 12 can be evenly divided into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and twelfths.We use it here, there, and everywhere for other stuff as well. It makes for a nice, long 3-number by 12-number table that lots of players can gather around.And the rampant divisibility of this number enables players to get themselves in trouble in all sorts of ways; particularly so when that pesky zero or zero-zero drops by.Players can bet on groups of 1,2,3,4,6,12, and 18 numbers in a multitude of combinations. Dice As far as the game of dice is concerned, the number 36 ((3 x 12) = (6 x 6)), along with it's inherent attributes, is an integral number.Multiples of 12, by definition, retain this divisibility.The inherent divisibility is the reason that the number 12, and its multiplies, are so intertwined into our society.

We use it here, there, and everywhere for our time logistics.

We use it here, there, and everywhere for our space logistics.

Links to NASA relating to what they had to say about Day 12/12/12 are included further down the page. Surprisingly, this page is still accumulating views. The usefulness of this number derives from its divisibility.

And for anyone who is interested, here is a page about the base 12 numbering system. It is not known if it is the result of karma, predestination, random chance, fate, a higher power, something else, or for absolutely no reason at all. It should be noted that day 12/12/12 will not be the end of the world. The unique usefulness of the number 12 has been recognized by mathematicians, scientists, meta-physicists, and society in general since the beginning of recorded human history.

Many philosophies believe that you somehow ended up on this page for a reason. This page provides a review of the 12/12/12 date singularity and of the number twelve; followed by a quick metaphysics experiment. The number 12 is a unique, interesting, and very useful number.

And, no doubt, there will be a few people getting married on that date. Reference List: Date 12/12/12, Date 121212, Date 12/12/2012, Date 12-12-12, Date 12 12 12, Date . Reference List: Random Chance, Metaphysics, Paranormal, Fate, Destiny, a Higher Power.