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That number was 'freed-up' when the number for this aircraft was switched to: Me 321.

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Messerschmitt's design for this transport glider consequently secured the contract for the company.

Initially given the RLM designation: Me 263; this designation number was later reused (see: RLM) for the second generation rocket fighter developed in 1945: Messerschmitt Me 263.

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When the plans for Operation Sea Lion were shelved in December 1940, and planning began for the invasion of Russia (Operation Barbarossa), it was decided that the most cost-effective solution to the need for transport aircraft was to use gliders.

Accordingly, the Technical Bureau of the Luftwaffe issued a tender for rapid development of a Grossraumlastensegler ("large-capacity transport glider") to the aircraft manufacturers Junkers and Messerschmitt.

The specification called for the glider to be capable of carrying either an 88 mm gun plus its tractor, or a medium tank.