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San Bernardino County, California Population 2,035,210 | View Ordinance In September 2015, a spokesman for San Bernardino County said the mandatory pit bull sterilization ordinance adopted in 2010 has cut pit bull admissions and euthanasia of pit bulls by more than half.David Wert, a spokesman for San Bernardino County, said it has.

“In fiscal year 2014-15, we had 1,037 pit bull admissions, 31 percent of which had to be euthanized.” David Downey, "PIT BULLS: Attack alarms region," Press Enterprise, September 9, 2015 (com) URL: (Archived by Web Cite® at RI3fn AV) Toronto, Canada Population 2,615,060 | View Ordinance In October 2014, The Star reported on the glowing success of the 2005 Ontario pit bull ban.Pit bull bites per capital are down by more than a factor of six since 2004.From 2001 to 2004, pit bulls were more likely to bite people and domestic animals than any other breed, the statistics show.In 2004, the last full year before the ban, there were 984 pit bulls licensed in Toronto and 168 reported pit bull bites.That’s more than double the rate of German shepherds, the next most aggressive breed.browse: | Must Read Posts | sticky stories, activism, columnists, dog laws & bsl, dogfighting, criminal trials, family dog attacks, fatal dog attacks, humane groups, pit bull owners, pet attacks, police shootings, editorials, senior citizen attacks, victims of attacks, special reports & events Dogs - Cities and counties in at least 13 states report successful results after enacting a breed-specific ordinance.

These states include: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

The province of Ontario also continuously reports successful results after it's 2005 adoption of a pit bull ban.

The below statistics absolutely show that breed-specific laws work.

The figures, compiled by the city’s Animal Services division at the Star’s request, come from comparing a breed’s licensed population with the number of times it was reported to have bitten a person or pet.

Nearly a decade after the ban was put in place, its purpose appears to have been achieved: pit bull bites in the city have virtually disappeared.

In 2013, the pit bull population was down to 501, and there were only 13 reported pit bull bites.