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he life sciences focus on patterns, processes, and relationships of living organisms.

The study of life ranges over scales from single molecules, through organisms and ecosystems, to the entire biosphere, that is all life on Earth.The committee developed four core ideas reflecting unifying principles in life sciences.These core ideas are essential for a conceptual understanding of the life sciences and will enable students to make sense of emerging research findings.We begin at the level of organisms, delving into the many processes and structures, at scales ranging from components as small as individual atoms to organ systems that are necessary for life to be sustained.A core principle of the life sciences is that all organisms are related by evolution and that evolutionary processes have led to the tremendous diversity of the biosphere.There is diversity within species as well as between species.

Yet what is learned about the function of a gene or a cell or a process in one organism is relevant to other organisms because of their ecological interactions and evolutionary relatedness.

Evolution and its underlying genetic mechanisms of inheritance and variability are key to understanding both the unity and the diversity of life on Earth.

It examines processes that occur on time scales from the blink of an eye to those that happen over billions of years. Although living organisms respond to the physical environment or geosphere, they have also fundamentally changed Earth over evolutionary time.

Rapid advances in life sciences are helping to provide biological solutions to societal problems related to food, energy, health, and environment.

From viruses and bacteria to plants to fungi to animals, the diversity of the millions of life forms on Earth is astonishing.

Without unifying principles, it would be difficult to make sense of the living world and apply those understandings to solving problems.

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