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* If you request a Democratic Primary ballot, your state will send your information to Democrats Abroad.* The only way to become a member of Democrats Abroad is to JOIN.

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* Mail your voter registration application to your county voting authority, usually called a Registrar or County Board of Elections.* Democrats Abroad has a Global Primary every two years, in the even-numbered years.* If you vote for President in the DA GPP, you may NOT vote for President OR for delegates for that candidate in your home state election.* If you vote in the DA GPP, you MAY vote for other ‘down-ballot’ races on your state ballot.* ‘Down-ballot’ races might include US Senate and House, state legislatura, mayor and US Supreme Court justices.* Military personnel overseas can register and vote online (UOCAVA).

* Civilian voters can fill in the application to register online, but must print, sign and send the hard copy back to their home county voting authority.

* Most US states currently use electronic (touchscreen) voting machines and will accept online votes from abroad as well.

Beyonce and Jay Z, Ciara and Russell, Nicki and Meek, and a slew of other celeb couples love to frequent basketball games for a fun, action packed date night.

As we wait for game seven in the NBA Finals, we pulled together our favorite courtside moments.

explored something that these 6 Republican senators have in common. Senators: Rob Portman (Ohio), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire), Mark Kirk (Illinois), Richard Burr (North Carolina) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) Tick the statements about Voting From Abroad that are TRUE.

* If you live outside the US, you must register every year you want to vote.

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