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Gabriella's memoir, A Father's Betrayal, £9.99, is published at the end of July by Clink Street Publishing.

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I’ve posted a lot about the phenomenon that is the hipster headdress (see here, here, and here), but I’ve never really broken it down as to why this trend is so annoying and effed up.Two of the nuns killed were Rwandan, one was Indian and one was from Kenya, the Vatican said in a statement.No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, although Yemeni officials have blamed the Islamic State.Pope Francis 'prays that this pointless slaughter will awaken consciences, lead to a change of heart, and inspire all parties to lay down their arms and take up the path of dialogue', Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said.An unnamed Yemeni presidency source in Riyadh said that those behind such 'treacherous terrorist acts' are individuals who have 'sold themselves to the devil,' in a statement on the official website.A lot of this will be review and is repeated elsewhere on the site, but I thought it was high time I pulled things together into a one-stop-anti-headdress shop.

Much of this can also apply to any of the “tribal trends” I feature here, and you can also consider this a follow up to my “Cultural Appropriation Bingo” post.

The many sources I drew from are included at the end of this post.

Heartbreakingly, none of the sisters, barring Ablah, the eldest, could bring themselves to believe that their father had really killed their mother, so when he was released, all agreed to return to his care.'My sister was sold to an old man who terrified her and I was so scared of the same fate happening to me.

So I chose a younger man and I asked him to come and meet my father to ask if he could marry me.''I was afraid my father would try to get me back,' she adds.

'My husband wasn't interested in having me or his children back but I'd shamed my family by running away and my father told me he would kill me - I knew he meant it.'t will always be a part of who I was, but I'm not that girl anymore,' she says.

'I know I'm a strong person and I hope I can show other girls that no matter how long it takes, no matter how bad things get, things can change if you stay strong.