Accommodating dyslexia in the workplace

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Accommodating dyslexia in the workplace - Adult Chat Rooms

They may also have difficulty in transmitting information clearly and succinctly to others through speech or writing.The individual knows what they want to say yet may become confused, especially if working to a deadline.

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The first essential step is to recognise them for what they are.In practice, they often go unrecognised because dyslexia is still often regarded as principally a reading difficulty.Many adults with dyslexia through a combination of family and school support and their own self-determination have learned to read with reasonable competence, yet continue to have problems in related language areas such writing, memory and organisational skills.When entering the workforce from school, it would be useful for the guidance counsellor and/or the pupil’s year-head/tutor to spend time helping the pupil with dyslexia to identify strengths that could be exploited in employment and identifying specific characteristics that may cause difficulties.Many of the difficulties associated with dyslexia are situational so the work context is of crucial importance. It is important to consider job requirements and the difficulties experienced by the individual and to attempt to match these two factors.In the end, monitoring and 'trouble shooting' may be more effective than continual intensive support.

For example, before applying for a job, an individual needs to find out what literacy skills will be required and how willing the employer would be in supporting an employee with dyslexia.

Information might also be sought about the employer’s degree of understanding about the consequences of dyslexia for the specific individual.

They may still have specific difficulties with reading, spelling and writing, but also with remembering instructions, addresses or appointments.

They may have difficulties in such tasks as copying information or recording it accurately, retrieving files or sequencing them in the correct order, reading maps or distinguishing between left and right.

In addition, because people with dyslexia usually take more time to process information, they may feel overwhelmed by incoming information, whether it is written or spoken.

This may cause problems taking in long reports or following lengthy discussions.

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