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You owe them no less than what that wage is worth in terms of work delivered. Beyond that either you're giving away freebies or the employer is exploiting you.

Even though I enjoyed my wedding, I definitely would've done a few things differently if I could do it over again (and, oh man, I don't ever want to have to do it over again).Try to strike that delicate balance between knowing the wedding isn't just about you and knowing that it is, in the end, your day.I worried too much about what people thought of my wedding decisions and tried too much, I think, to make everyone who cared about it happy.Short of eloping, I think you have to consider other people's opinions—especially close family members with whom you're sharing this incredible event—but at the same time realize that feelings are probably going to get hurt.ball that everyone has expectations and opinions about.Some people will inevitably want to be in the spotlight or take over the planning.

You might discover your fiancé/fiancée has absurd taste in napkin colors and is willing to fight you to the death about it—or worse, he/she doesn't care about the napkin color.

You might feel evil as you cut people from your guest list or make your wedding party spend more money on formal clothing.

by Anonymous (Sacramento, California) Sometimes it gets frustrating when your co-workers cannot do a good job and you have to make sacrifices to accommodate your employer's demands.

It drains energy from starting a business of your own.

about me." If this doesn't motivate you to restructure your lifestyle to start looking out for yourself, precious little will.

Most employers pay you an honest wage and owe you nothing more than this, despite what bureaucrats in civil government and ideologues may say. Simply click here to return to What Are Your Thoughts About Starting Your Own Business While Being Someone's Employee?

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    We involve all project members as early as possible to plan for quality assurance, safety, timeliness and cost effectiveness on every project for our customers.

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