Adam bryan dating lindsay lohan

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Adam bryan dating lindsay lohan - Free Online

It just looks randomly porched between her fingers. She looks like she's finished filming for the day, and has got ready to go out somewhere for the evening while there's some sun left - nothing special, just meeting friends - and she's thinking about something with intent, as she unwinds with a smoke. It's by Bryan Adams and over at, there's a whole gallery of these photos from the same photoshoot, including image used for the cover. cat_id=393 I like the Lohan cover - she looks like she's got something on her mind.

This “report” surfaces just a few weeks after La Lohan got into the “just took a shower, slipped and cut my leg on a teacup in Bryan Adams‘s London mansion” accident according to : “She’s spending all her free time with him.Also according to the MB on Ryan, tickets for the VH1 Classics presents Sheryl Crow and Friends () show in Atlantic City that Ryan is performing at go on sale this weekend on Ticketbastard.Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hair back as you vomit while purchasing tickets.Lindsay Lohan has a new man in her life and he’s quite wealthy.She has been staying at his Greenwich Village (New York) apartment almost every night.She thinks musicians are sexy and she’s a fan of his music.” When asked to comment, all former Adams girlfriend Parkey Posey would say was, “.” Thanks for the heads up, Seeking Irony.

UPDATE: According to unconfirmed reports, pages from Lindsay Lohan’s hand-written diary were ripped out last week and nothing about Ryan has surfaced (Jared Leto, not so lucky…but now people thing he’s got a big *youknowwhat* so what does he care?

), so let’s just hope (and pray) than La Lohan is not hitting up Ryan Adams.

Ryan Adams shouldn’t want for Diego Garcia’s rumored leftovers.

Here’s a photo off of of Ryan recording at Lo Ho Studios in January of this year, which jives with our spy’s January 18th sighting…which I guess would fall under the alleged month of La Lohan dating.

And if you look carefully at the Lo Ho Studios client list, you’ll notice that both Ryan Adams and Lindsay Lohan have recorded there–as have Moby, Interpol, Stellastarr* and John Mayer. I think I also heard a rumor that dating Lindsay Lohan–but that one is true.

God, don’t you think all this investigative “journalism” into whether or not Lindsay Lohan is dating Ryan would be much better spent on trying to figure out what the songs he was recording sounded like?!?

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