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Several windows were lights and sounds of some rock band.

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The not-quite-2-year-old is wait­ing with his mom Domi­n­ique and broth­er Aiden, 4, to be seen at a fed­er­ally sub­sid­ized clin­ic for low-in­come wo­men and chil­dren here in Ma­con, Geor­gia.

Sit­ting still is not in his rep­er­toire of tricks.

The con­stant babble ex­hausts Domi­n­ique, 25, but thrills the clin­ic nu­tri­tion­ist charged with im­ple­ment­ing a re­l­at­ively new statewide ef­fort to get par­ents to talk to their ba­bies.

Called simply “Talk With Me Baby,” the pro­gram is a mul­ti­faceted at­tempt to fill the massive 30 mil­lion-word gap between chil­dren from lower- and up­per-income fam­il­ies by mak­ing sure that ba­bies from all backgrounds hear lots of words.* * *Re­search sug­gests that poor chil­dren hear about 600 words per hour, while af­flu­ent chil­dren hear 2,000.

By age 4, a poor child has a listen­ing vocab­u­lary of about 3,000 words, while a wealth­i­er child wields a 20,000-word listen­ing vocab­u­lary.

So it’s no sur­prise that poor chil­dren tend to enter kinder­garten already be­hind their wealth­i­er peers.

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