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Unlike mainstream social networks you don’t have to worry about your vanilla friends perving your profile or commenting on your kinks.KNKI app lets you call the shots Display your pics publically or unlock them privately only to people you choose.

Add status updates and join events so people know what you’re up to, or discretely browse profiles of lifestylers in your local area.Only you decide how much to share and who to share it with.The future of lifestyle dating apps is here Whether you’re looking for a play partners or life partners, KNKI app is the BDSM free dating app that can help you find your perfect match no matter your fetish or experience level, all from the comfort and privacy of your mobile device.Join the KNKI community now and become a part of the future of bondage dating and social networking.FEATURES● Local and International Dating - KNKI app uses your mobile device’s geolocation function so you can find local kinky people no matter where you are in the world.KNKI is the app you’ve been waiting for Finally you can have your kinky cake and eat it too.

KNKI is a BDSM dating app that lets you filter members to your exact specifications so you can easily find that perfect play partner, while at the same time making new lifestyle friends and keeping up with your entire kinky social network.

Say goodbye to vanilla dating apps & social networking sites KNKI is not just another hookup app like Tinder or OKCupid, KNKI is the first BDSM adult dating and chat app to give you full social media capabilities.

Use KNKI app to flirt, follow your friends’ activities, search hashtags, and comment on their latest fetishes and kinky photos.

Flirt publically or privately, it’s all up to you.● Follow Friends - KNKI app lets you ‘“follow” lifestylers nearby or anywhere in the world, and you’ll get updates whenever the people you follow post new photos.

Kind of like Instagram, but a whole lot kinkier.● Upload Photos - KNKI isn't just about dating.

Our members can post photos from all aspects of their kinky lives (from scene pics to private selfies) discretely and securely within the KNKI community.● Use Hashtags - Start a hashtag trend by adding creative tags to all your favorite photos.