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Adultfishdatingusa com - Online sex

Spamvertised domains: spammer haven This IP: - H. | web has over 45,000 hostsnames they all appear to redirect to a "survey" / "contest" / "rewards" / etc. Here are a few landing sites - with Java Scipt alert/confirm pop-ups on exit.There are loads of adult fish in the USA looking to be caught by you!

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Get free naughty dating when you sign up, that's right - it's FREE to try!There are thousands of Adult Fish in the USA, so grab your tackle, dangle your rod and wait for a nibble. Your Husband or Wife does not understand your sexual passion and appetite, or simply just can't keep up with you!There are literally thousands of adult fish who are all looking for some adult spice in their lives. Maybe you're bored because they won't try the raunchy acts you want to try.These adult members, from across the USA and Canada, are searching for discreet adult fun, hot IM chat and even to meet up with complete strangers and couples for uncomplicated sex. You are not alone, we have loads more Adult Fish in America just like you...Upon valid completion of all Program Requirements we will ship your item to the shipping address you provided.Unless otherwise indicated, participation eligibility is restricted to US residents, 18 and over. Registration form collects personally identifiable information using the insecure protocol HTTP (as opposed to using HTTPS) An example registration form: After you enter registration information and click Submit your PII is transferred to 3 domains.

A pop-up window opens showing various choices you must complete 2 purchases from On your browser, another tab opens with PII entered to yet another domain for your first of multiple "surveys" you must complete; all this before you get to the 5 orders that must be completed in the "platinum" stage.

This is where I stopped and decided it's time to gather domains for ratings...

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