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This afghan design is by Sandi Marshall, posted here at our website.

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The pattern is a bit vague; on the bright side, it's designed to be adjustable for any size you want to make it, but that means you'll have to do a bit of math to calculate your starting chain.This pattern was designed by Rachel Choi; it is posted at the Crochet Spot website.Approximate Size: 48" x 68" Materials Required: Columbia-Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 Oz. K 2, K 2 together in back of Sts., K 2 together in front of Sts., K 2, Y. Skein) 8 Skeins--1 Skein is sufficient for 1 Strip including Fringe OR Columbia-Minerva Nantuk 4 Ply Knitting Yarn (Knitting Worsted Size--2 or 4 oz. is sufficient for 1 Strip including Fringe; Knitting Needles: 1 Pair "Boye" Size 10 1/2--10 inch Gauge: Each strip should measure 6 inches in width 1 "Boye" Aluminum Crochet Hook "F" (Size 3 or 4) Pattern Stitch: (20 Sts.) Row 1--(Right side of work) K 2, P 2, Y. The shell is one of the best-known and best-loved crochet stitch configurations.There are many interesting variations of the shell stitch, and many ways to incorporate shells into crocheted afghans.

We're hoping the free afghan patterns linked below will inspire you to start on your own shell stitch afghan!

Grab this versatile, classic shell stitch pattern -- for free.

If you make the colorway pictured here, it would be fab to use for decorating a baby girl's nursery.

However, please don't feel limited by these color choices; you may want to dream up a new, magical color combination that would be perfectly suited to the sweet new baby on the way.

More » To crochet this baby blanket pattern, you'll combine the shell stitch with cluster stitches.

This is a beginner-friendly pattern that anyone could achieve success with.