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Please refer to packages for details about package spec.By default, the core script packages are specified in 'framework/web/js/packages.php'.

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When calling register Package to register a script package, packages will be checked first followed by this property.If a package is found, it will be registered for rendering later on. This property keeps a list of named script packages, each of which can contain a set of CSS and/or Java Script script files, and their dependent package names.By calling register Package, one can register a whole package of client scripts together with their dependent packages and render them in the HTML output.The array structure is as follows: The JS and CSS files listed are relative to 'base Path'.For example, if 'base Path' is 'application.assets', a script named 'comments.js' will refer to the file 'protected/assets/comments.js'. The whois report is very important for verifying the ownership records of a domain name.

It also gives you the email and physical addresses of the administrators of

The Reverse IP report shows which other domain names are hosted on the same IP address as These are the most important DNS records and show the IP addresses, mail servers and name servers used by

This is especially useful for shared hosting in which an IP address is shared by several domain names.

When a script is being rendered in HTML, it will be prefixed with 'base Url'.

For example, if 'base Url' is '/assets', the 'comments.js' script will be rendered using URL '/assets/comments.js'.

If 'base Url' does not start with '/', the relative URL of the application entry script will be inserted at the beginning.