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You have several options for giving us proof of birth or adoption.

Check if you're eligible for this payment before you start your claim.You’ll need to claim Dad and Partner Pay using your own online account.We can’t accept claims from your partner or the birth mother.You can start your claim for Dad and Partner Pay 3 months before the date you expect your child to be born or adopted.You can choose when your Dad and Partner Pay period will start.It can start from the day your child is born or adopted, or it can start later.

You should choose a start date at least 14 days before your child's first birthday or anniversary of the date the child came into your care to get your 2 weeks of Dad and Partner Pay. If you are unable to claim online, for example you do not have access to the internet go to a service centre.

You'll need the following to complete your claim: At the end of the claim, we’ll tell you if you need to provide evidence for the information you have provided. Submit your claim online and most supporting documents electronically at the end of the process. You or your partner need to give us proof of your child's birth or commencement of the adoption process, and any other information we request before we can pay you.

We recommend claiming early so we can pay you as soon as possible.

You won’t miss out if you’ve already taken your period of unpaid leave following the birth or date your child came into your care and haven’t claimed your Dad and Partner Pay.

However, you must claim within 52 weeks of your child being born or coming into your care as part of an adoption process.

If you’re eligible, you can get Dad and Partner Pay any time in the 52 week period after the date your child was born or came into your care.

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