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Topics range from ham radio tips, ham radio trivia, YL ham radio history, Echolink tips/training, ARES or Emergency Service information, ham radio events, different logging methods, catching up with one another, etc.The net is hosted by several Net Control Stations that Alternate from time to time including: Catherine KK4UBQ, Lori K4UPI, and Melanie KM4GQN.

This net started back in October of 2014 and currently averages about 18 to 25 check-ins each week from all over the world including all over the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Japan and the net is growing. Please also invite all YLs that you know to join us too!Again, the YL Net meets every on ECHOlink ALARA Conference Node 286905 and the 145.47 (-) PL 100.0Hz repeater.Following the YL Net, at PM YLs may join the YLRL (Young Ladies' Radio League) 20m net on 14.288MHz.We encourage all YLs who can be near a computer to do so and have our NFARL chat room open located at This will allow us to share any information and links with other YLs on the net. 33 de Catherine KK4UBQ Setting up for YL Net Here's how to get set up to participate in the net: Youth Net Please encourage young hams and young people interested in amateur radio to join in Youth Net. The Youth Net is a project of the Mill Springs Academy Amateur Radio Club. Pose your questions on the net (or send them to Jim at beforehand) and others on the net will strive to answer them.

The purpose of this net is to provide a forum for an open Q & A technical discussion of all Ham Radio related topics.

Participants use Google and a chat room during the net to search for information related to topics being discussed, document findings, and send URL links back and forth.

Here's how to get set up to participate in the net: Please join this exciting net each week. We’d like to invite all YLs around the world to join us on a fantastic Echolink YL net that takes place every Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern Time or 0000UTC Summer and 0100UTC Winter.

Young people will have the opportunity to chat with their peers across the metro Atlanta area, across Georgia, and perhaps across the country via this net. The net meets on Wednesdays beginning at 7PM EDT on the NFARL 145.47 Sweat Mountain repeater.

Bob Heil, with various co-hosts and guests, will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters. The show currently airs live on Wednesday at pm PT/pm ET with the on demand download available within 24 hours.

More episodes can be viewed and downloaded here Below are detailed show notes for released episodes.

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