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Pulled an all night drive a couple days ago, from Asheville up I-26 to just below Bristol, then backtracking back to 23 on 421, up through eastern Tennessee and eastern Kentucky to Portsmouth, Ohio, to Circleville and ending in Fredericktown.As I drove, I kept passing the birthplaces and homes of my musical heroes, one after another.

I felt as though I was recapitulating some core history, bouncing through the dark, guested by ghosts. Asheville is home to the Asheville Folk and Dance Contest, which the native folklorist Bascom Lamar Lunsford created out of a flower show in 1928.A few miles north brings you Johnson City, Tennessee, which fiddler Clarence Horton Greene immortalized in his ‘Johnson City Blues’ back in 1928, not long after Cecil and Maude went home to England to write up their findings.The Down Home Pickin’ Parlor is there, owned and run by Ed Snodderly, himself the nephew of one of North Carolina’s best ‘hornpipe’ fiddlers, Mack Snodderly.It was also the home of Bud’s Gyp Joint, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story for another time. I pulled onto 421 and headed west toward Kingsport, where Leslie Riddle had lived. Riddle, a black guitar player of some local note, was friends with the Carter Family and also with Brownie Mc Ghee.John called me just as I was crossing the Tennessee-Virginia border to redirect me away from I-81, as up-and-down a road as exists in this country, back west to US 23, the Hillbilly Highway. Brownie had wanted to go on the road together with him; their guitar styles were nearly identical. Living at the Carter Fold for months at a time, I think it is likely he had something to do with Mother Maybelle’s famous ‘Carter Scratch’ style. Nevertheless, his knowledge of blues flowed into the Carter style, and his help with A.In the ensuing ninety years, fiddle tunes have become one of Asheville’s main exports. They are supporters of old time music, their community and its traditions, and of me.

I am a perpetual student of this music, and through the whole drive I felt surrounded by it.

North of Asheville is Madison County, where Sheila Kay Adams lives.

She is a living example of continuity in tradition, descended from half a dozen of Cecil Sharpe’s and Maude Karpeles’ World War I era informants, cousin to many locally well-thought-of musicians living and dead, and a key teacher and singer of those ballads her own self.

Leslie opted to stay home, to go collecting instead with A. P.’s collecting likely helped prepare the Carters for their ensuing career on radio and in shows.

I wound my way west to US 23 — 421 is pretty snaky — and headed north.

About twenty miles from where 421 and 23 split lies Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Carl Martin, late of the group Martin, Bogan and Armstrong, learned to play guitar, mandolin and fiddle from his blind older brother in their family band.