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No baking, no frying, no hot oil, no sweat moustache! My *genius* friend was also kind enough to share her falafel recipe with me, and I was over the moon to discover that it was SUPER healthy.

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So that means lots of salads and smoothies (my vitamix has been getting quite the workout lately). I even have one in the apartment that I sublet (No whisk, but there’s a waffle iron.

And then, my brilliant friend and colleague pointed out a very creative and resourceful solution to a hot meal that didn’t involve the use of a microwave: Waffle iron falafel! Now I have to admit, I’ve never used a waffle iron before. How can you even make waffle batter without a whisk? I did a quick google search, and although this isn’t totally novel, it doesn’t seem as though bloggers have capitalised on it either!

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I didn’t get round to posting last week because my apartment was, quite literally, an inferno.