Asias most popular dating tv show

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Asias most popular dating tv show - Online sex

Further to my piece on smell sensing tech, it seems that breathalyzers, which use gas sensors like this one: Alcohol Gas Sensor, are getting smaller.

The top seven contestants in "Asia's Next Top Model" face a difficult challenge in the latest instalment of the reality TV series.In Cycle 4 episode 7, the models take part in a photo shoot with Filipino actor Tom Rodriguez.[Spoiler Alert] The upcoming challenge in episode 7 involves posing with the actor for a toothpaste ad.While this looks seemingly easy, it proves to be quite challenging because the contestants are star struck.Furthermore, not everyone's comfortable with a close-up shot.In episode 6, she was commended for her poise during the Zalora photo shoot.

Another contestant who looks striking in the picture with Tom is Tawan.

Her cheerful and bubbly smile is captivating for sure and perhaps the judges will take note of it. in Vietnam (VN), Thailand (BKK) and Indonesia (JKT).

That being said, the only model who shines in this challenge is Julian from Philippines.

She shares great chemistry with the actor and is even commended by the judges.

One judge says: "You're smile is breathtaking." Fans of the show will remember that Julian didn't have as great a start as some of the others in the completion.

However, she seems to be steadily rising up the ranks.