Assumptions behind radiometric dating

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Assumptions behind radiometric dating - Sex Chat

We are expected to believe that the issue is settled.We are told that there are methods by which we can determine accurately the age of this incredible earth. In the next few thoughts, I seek to enlighten you to the reality of the fallacy of radiometric dating, and answer these probing questions.

There are several methods used, but in this small article, only two will be examined: - The Uranium-Thorium-Lead method - And the Potassium-Argon method Each of these methods rely upon the common fact that the parent component in a system (e.g., uranium) will gradually 'decay' into the daughter component (e.g., lead).Any so called 'age determination' by a physical process is, once stripped down, only an educated guess, and is most likely entirely unrelated to the actual age.As we progress further in this evaluation, we will examine the actual processes by which these methods work, and carefully determine their validity and accuracy.Despite the overwhelmingly dogmatic support from the textbook community, the methods are simply inconsistent in the answers they put forth.The process is unhindered in development, it is separate from outside factors. If it were changed, then any calculation of the earth's age or the sample's age would be incorrect. The idea that a system in nature could remain closed (that is, not influenced by any outside sources) for millions or billions of years is absurd to the highest degree. Is it possible to know the original components of a system formed billions of years ago?b.) Not have any of the daughter components present in the initial system. If there existed any of the daughter components in the original system, you would have to know that amount and incorporate it into your calculations. To obtain a proper date, you would need to compensate for the fluctuating process rate. Is there such a thing in nature as a closed system? According to evolutionists, there were no humans around during that time, so the notion that we can know the original components is once again absurd. What process rate in an open system remains unchanged?

The main and obvious problem with these assumptions is that they are not valid. Every process in nature operates at a rate influenced by many different factors.

If one of the factors changes, the rate is altered.

To gain an index of time since the original formation of the system, you document the relative proportions of the two components.

Therefore, based on the certain amounts of the components in a sample, you can tell how old the sample is.

This is all seemingly fine until you evaluate the assumptions that this system is built upon.

In order for the radiometric dating system to be accurate, the system would: a.) Need to be a closed system. That is, that the process was not or is not affected by any outside or inside influences. Since the establishment of the system, the decay or process rate has remained stable and unchanged.

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