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Australian sex portal - Sex Chat

Australia is a big country and many visitors underestimate the distances between our popular destinations.Queensland offers a wonderful tropical climate with amazing coastal beaches and lush rain forests.

New South Wales also has wonderful coastal holiday destinations and some famous outback towns that are well worth a visit.Tasmania is a wonderful alternative to the city life with a rich heritage and some of Australia’s best wilderness areas.Cool and quiet ‘Tassie’ is a great escape destination.Western Australia is a visual feast with spectacular pristine beaches and rugged Australian outback destinations. This is the best place to explore it and find everything Australian.We have some great destination and holiday guides, hotels deals, tours and upcoming events for hundreds of towns and cities all over Australia.

If you are looking for accommodation, tours, experiences or local attractions we can help you find them.

If you are planning a trip we can help you get there. To get started try clicking on one of the states on the Australia map on the right of this page and drill down to where you want to explore.

Sydney of course is the place for spectacular city night life and great shopping.

Victoria is the cultural capital with (arguably) Australia’s best food and wine.

Melbourne is a wonderful multicultural city and Victoria’s scenic destinations are also unique.

South Australia is also famous for wine and a relaxed country lifestyle with a rich heritage.