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Azdgdatingmedium 1 9 3 - Online sex

This may allow the attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials and to launch other attacks.

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Az DGDating Medium Version 1.9.3 CSRF WHICH ALLOWS TO CREATE BACKDOOR ON TARGET [email protected] screen after successfull CSRF attack. code section:(XSS+CSRF+traversal)=========================SNIP====================After succesfull attack open: DGDating Medium/languages/zh/CTRL+U you will see whole config +admin password included. =================================EOF==================================================================Workaround about XSS vulns: Include it in your php (not tested with this CMS)====================BEGIN================','%0d%0a','document.write',',',' Char Code','..','document.cookie','cookie','eval','href','document.location','location.replace','window','onmouse','onblur','onfocus','onerror','\'','limit','javascript');foreach($commonpatterns as $myvals){if(stristr(urldecode($_SERVER[' QUERY_STRING']),$myvals)){ die('============================END===================================Vendor informed about vulns via e-mail.You will see something like this: vulns: Same section is also prone to XSS (Cross Site Scripting Vuln)A) DGDating Medium/admin/index.php? (Sat, +0500)Note: May be other versions affected but not tested.+++++++++As always My Special Thanks to:+++++++packetstormsecurity.orgpacketstormsecurity.compacketstormsecurity.netsecurityfocus.comcxsecurity.rusecurtiyvulns.comsecuritylab.ru1337day.&&to all AA Team + to all Azerbaijan Black Hat Z;)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Thank you. do=tedit&c_temp_edit=default&dir=../include/&f=php%00&dir=../include/&f=php Note: Use null byte. SQL injection+CSRF:(In eg: to Create Denial Of Service (DOS) Condition)(BTW, it is a bit hard to exploit it and obtain something usefull)============Az DGDating Medium Version 1.9.3 CSRF+SQL INJECTION exploit========Vulnerable Code Section:/admin/index.php=============BEGIN SNIP============== case 'mess': if (! POST zapros qebul edildikde yoxlayirsan:csrfcheck($_POST['anticsrftokenize'],$_SESSION['csrftokenize']); Tokenler uygun olmadiqda xeberdarliq verirem en esasi ise skriptin isini dayandiriram./Aka Step**/function csrfcheck(&$val1,&$val2){if(! EL VURMA HECNEYE *******************************************/if($_SERVER[' REQUEST_METHOD']===' GET') // her bir GET requestde yaradiriq.{$_SESSION['csrftokenize']=sha1(md5(rand(51389,4895615454).md5(time())));// # debug echo '"; #/* sessiyani yaradiriq. Ve her bir skriptin baslangicindaprepareanticsrf(); funksiyasini cagirirsan. isset($_SESSION['oldbasecsrf']) || md5($_POST['anticsrftokenize'])! ==md5($_SESSION['oldbasecsrf'])){ die('';}function prepareanticsrf(){/* ************************** BEOF ANTI CSRF YOXLANMA UCUN.#main Container{padding-top:140px;}#hook_Block_Top Content{position:absolute;z-index:2;top:-140px;left:0;padding-top:0;}.button-pro.__gift{position:relative;padding:0 60px;background-repeat:no-repeat;box-shadow:none;font-size:15px;text-align:center;overflow:hidden;font-family: Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif;color:#fff;height:32px;line-height:32px;font-weight:400;background-image:url(//;background-color:#65a710}.button-pro.__gift:hover{background-position:0 -32px}.button-pro.__gift:active{background-position:0 -64px;line-height:34px}.islands .button-pro.__gift{background-image:url(//}@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:1.5),(min-resolution:120dpi),(min-resolution:1.5dppx){.button-pro.__gift{background-image:url(//[email protected]);background-size:224px 96px!

important}.islands .button-pro.__gift{background-image:url(//[email protected]);background-size:288px 96px!

source: Azerbaijan Development Az DGDating Medium is prone to multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities because the application fails to sufficiently sanitize user-supplied input.

An attacker may leverage these issues to execute arbitrary script code in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site.

COLOR3 : COLOR4; $senddate=mysql2data($i['sendtime'], 0, 1);====================EOF SNIP===============Final notes:@2 developers of this script: Sorry Guys i can't get it to work with MYSQL 5.5.24 and i'm a bit lazy to edit all problematic sql queries. To fix CSRF things realize somethink like this (for $_POST requests)Same logic also applies to $_GET requests.=====================BEGIN(i know it is a bit paranoidal like me:)===================ve POST zapros invoke edildikde funksiyaya by reference oturulme edirsen asagidaki kimi.

C_TEMP.'/forum/smiles.php'; while ($i = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $color = ($color == COLOR4) ?

is_numeric($lastdays)) $lastdays='0'; $keywords=cb($keywords); $msortby = " order by id desc"; // Important ///////////// $mid = " id ! C_MYSQL_MESSAGES." WHERE ".$mid.$mfromid.$mtoid.$mlastdays.$mkeywords; $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error()); $tquery = mysql_query($tsql) or die(mysql_error()); $trows = mysql_fetch_array($tquery); $count = $trows['total']; if($count == "0") sprintm($w[110]); $str=$color=''; include_once C_PATH.'/templates/'.

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