Black man for white man dating

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Black man for white man dating - Adult Chat Rooms

This guy who runs the blog on Adam4Adam decided to dedicated a post to the beauty of black men. When I was younger I used to date and hookup with black guys ONLY…. Black men are strong, they have swagger, they will put it down in the bedroom and if you are anything other than this epitome of black masculinity, you are feminine and undesirable. White men have such a wider range of masculinity they can draw from, but black men have to exude strength and power or they’re soft.The last white guy I tried to date was of this variety.

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I didn’t know at the time that he only dated black men or I wouldn’t have gone out with him in the first place, but I felt something was off as soon as we met face to face. It’s officially cold as shit outside (there is a Nor-easter on its way and everything) and I am single, completely without cuddles.This means I am salty and shall now take to the Internet to voice some of my frustrations with dating as a gay brown 20something.I want to talk about white guys who only date black men because I don’t date them anymore and I feel like I have valid reasons for not doing so.They usually fall into one of these camps: I was tempted to just put “guys” who only date black men, because I’ve run into guys of all backgrounds who’ve exhibited these preferences, but when a white man says “I only date men of color” (and color in this instance always means black or latino, not Asian) I’m immediately on side-eye. ================================================= ONEI’m attracted to the mythical ethos of black male masculinity. But he prefaced it with this: I’m white and I loooooove black men! The guys I like are tall, strong, muscular, hung and confident… So today I dedicate my post to all my beautiful black men and their fans! It automatically puts black men who don’t fit into that masculine box on the outside and it puts on a pedestal an image of the hypermasculine black man, an image that we’re fed from birth.I rarely find these types in real life because we don’t have anything to say to each other.

If he’s looking for his mandingo warrior with a baby momma at home, he’s obviously not going to be sniffing around my door anytime soon.

But living in Harlem, going on dating sites, it’s like every other white guy has his ass up in the air asking for 8 inches or better.

There was no more flirtation and the conversation was dry immediately, and it’s not because I have misleading pictures.

I’m not photogenic (not everybody is, I’ve watched enough pretty girls on Top Model taking ugly pictures) and I know I always look better in person. I’m pretty middle-of-the-road, and so was he, but once we started talking about exes – his being named Jamal, Tyrone, and Marcus – I realized he was looking for something I would never be able to give him.

TWOI’m attracted to the urban, black male stereotype with his big penis and lack of actual emotions. These are the white bottoms who like being fucked by dudes on the DL.

That is real, relevant, and way to the left of anything I’m about.