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Awkward.) At the same time, I feel like more of my non-Jewish friends have tried to set me up with Jewish girls than my Jewish friends.

“This looks like a fun game”, they’re probably thinking.“Those crazy Jews and their kinda-not-but-totally discriminatory religious beliefs.They can only marry other Jews, and conversion is nearly impossible if you are Orthodox.How quaint, outdated and strangely racist (or whatever the word is) for a group of such liberal, forward thinkers!Jewdateshow is a digital comedy series about 2 bros looking to date Jews via the internet.It’s your life, whether you care to admit it or not.

2 nice Jewish bro friends, Jew-broing out, one trying to meet Jewish girls who all have some sort of problem (lol), while the other dates (and tricks) non-Jewish girls, just because(? The main character Noah is in love with a shiksa he can never get.

My favorite episode is their latest one, the fourth one, title My initial reaction was to wonder aloud ‘do people still do this? ’ And then I remembered my storied/tumultuous Hillel career.

Jewish girls always trying to set me up with their friends.

Like I was some sort of autistic mute who was unable to converse with woman on my own. Sometimes it amazes me that Jewish babies are EVER born. The easiest way to get to know someone is through a mutual friend.

The reason I wasn’t talking to their female friend had nothing to do with my own lack of interest. It’s safe, relatively easy, and stifles the amount one can get rejected.

(You don’t want to call someone a misogynistic douche if you’ll be seeing him at a loft party next weekend.

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    He has lived in the States for about 5 years, & in my city for 4. His family (Mother, Father, Brother, SIL & nephew) all live back in Turkey, & from what I gather, they are a typical, middle class brood.

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    Not by predetermined common interests, mutual friends and travel destinations that prevail in one of many curated profile pictures online.