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His first meeting with Kate is awkward, explains Kate. They have admitted they've slept in the same bed, and there are a number of bootleg photos circling out there for years showing them acting very huggy-kissy.

It's not an insignificant detail that you can get into later, like you prefer Netflix and chill on the weekends, or you can drive stick shift. Deanna's coming down from New York and will do Kate's hair and make-up and take her up to New York for the date. And don't they know the cardinal rule of first dates, the guy should come to her? I don't trust a damn thing Kate says about what the kids have said about this date so I'm just going to ignore her recap of what she claims they said and cut straight to the kids. Mady says with quite a bit of sass it's good for Kate to date and find a husband so she won't die alone. Meanwhile the younger kids think she's far too old to date.At the end of this painfully long segment Kate chooses a boring but sensible little black dress.Deanna provides a very vague story about how she's known Vann for many months (ever since she first saw his headshot), he's handsome and hard working, and would make a good match for Kate.I guess if you're looking for opposites attract you're right on the money.They see their father dating and happy, surely they have learned by now watching a parent move on and date is not that big of a deal.Anyway, I enjoy how all this flies right in the face of the sheeple, who have claimed all along Kate doesn't date for the good of her children. Deanna, that's how you find yourself 40 and single.

No, Kate doesn't date because she can't get a date, doesn't know how to get a date, is a child exploiter, opportunist and narcissist that would not make a wise partner for most men so most men avoid her, kids or no kids. What does she know about what one should wear on their first, second or third dates? No one wants to feel like they're meeting up with you to sign a contract, second date or not.

There is a very, very long segment about some of the kids helping her pick out clothes. Dating tip: Don't trust dating advice from hopelessly single friends.

And can't you just meet outside Starbucks with instructions that say hey I'm the guy in the green hat and you're the girl with the polka dot skirt, like normal blind dates? I love how when you're a kid 40 feels like 80, and 20 is at best, 40.

I think it's absolutely f--ing hilarious that as Kate is explaining all this, they show a photo of her with her BFF Jamie.

Conversely, the older you get the younger people look, right? All in all none of these kids seem to mind her going on a date.

I can still remember being a freshman in college and how old and important I felt, but look at freshmen now and they are absolute babies. Most of them are at best indifferent, and those who do care actually seem pretty selfless about this, just wanting Kate to find somebody.

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