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A political journalist is found dead after writing an article exposing corruption at the NSA, and Hodgins becomes paranoid when he's convinced their investigation is being closely monitored. To solve a murder, Brennan and Booth go undercover at an Old West-style shooting competition, while Angela and Hodgins discuss the future of their family and Cam gets close with photographer Sebastian Kohl.Christine are having nightmares about a monster in her closet.

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The murder seems to be connected to a previous victim, who has not yet been identified.When the lead singer of a college acapella group dies, the team must question members of the group and some female competitors; Aubrey's college experience is revealed while Booth tried to plan a trip with Parker; a new intern is brought to the lab.A drunk college student discovers the dead body of a Secret Service agent just before a presidential visit to the area.Booth is ready to hit the ground running and turns to Secret Service agent and former colleague Brandt Walker for information, but is surprised to learn the Secret Service has reservations about Booth's involvement in the case.The team uncovers some shocking evidence that heightens the seriousness of the case, causing Booth to step up for his country.While Booth and Bones take the next step in their lives, the other members of the Jeffersonian are adjusting to the change.

Aubrey is taking up his New role in the FBI and looking forward to his next case.

Booth and Brennan return to their old jobs and work on the case of a man whose organs had been harvested and sold.

Meanwhile, Cam struggles with choosing work over her relationship with Arastoo and Hodgins encourages Angela to showcase her photography.

Meanwhile, Brennan is out sick with the flu and former intern Dr. A television crew follow the medico-legal lab crew around for several days, documenting the relationship between the Jeffersonian Institute and the FBI.

They follow a ten year old murder case of a boy buried in a landfill.

Bones and Booth investigate the death of a professional hockey player whose headless corpse was dumped in a river.

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