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Hermione is someone who does not give up being smart simply because others feel threatened and thus rejects the whole “dumbing down” principle by becoming what Snape calls “an insufferable know-it-all.” It is still any day better than being a pretend bimbo, isn’t it? If you are good at anything (make-up, Tai Chi, drums, cooking, caricatures), Hermione Granger tells you to be proud of it. Do not be ashamed of where you come from – be it a 50-bedroom mansion or a little thatched hut in some remote village.

I went swimming in the sea a few months ago and was swallowed by a giant fish that I could not identify because I hated my Biology school teacher and had consequently spent most of my classes drawing rude pictures of him.I was finally rescued by some fisherman who caught the fish and cut me out of its gooey, messy, smelly tummy.(Incidentally, that was the same fisherman who brought the huge ring-eating fish to forgetful ol’ King Bharat which made him recall his beloved Shakuntala.) The fish oil in the belly made my hair shine like a disco light and gave me the skin of a porcelain doll.On the downside, those things were of no use because people kept fainting the moment I was within ten yards of them.Here’s another (boring) version of my story: I graduated and got into a cool but time-consuming, resume-boosting internship programme.However, I have decided that I hate it and I am counting days to next summer when it ends so that I can go and become a hippie in some psychedelic 1970s movie.

I am sure many of your must have already turned back to your DIY mask-making or half-written lipstick reviews or outfit preparation for the next OOTD or maybe even rushing to the MAC counter while muttering stuff like “Foolish Jabberwocky! Wasting our precious time with her nonsensical stories! Here’s a complementary MAC bullet for you in your favourite shade, be it sunshine yellow or midnight blue. I have been meaning to write something about female role models for a long time now and no, I don’t mean cocaine-snorting models like Kate Moss (who has a killer sense of style nonetheless) or the much too real Bollywood actresses.

I wanted to make a list of favourite heroines from literature.

Hence the post needed a story to begin with as a kind of introduction.

😛 Hermione Jean Granger tops my list simply because I am one of 384923589375 kids who grew up with her while she was emerging out of Ms. She is the reason why I have spent my adolescence with relatively little drama by embracing my inner nerd the way Dolly Bindra embraces crazy.

Feisty, intelligent, brave Hermione is one of the rare heroines that any woman can take inspiration from.

It is very common to observe women “dumbing” themselves down so as not to appear like a nerd or to be just generally well-liked among their less intellectually blessed peers.

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