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Cam chat tukr sex - Adult Chat Rooms

Live Cam4 offers a social network along with random chat and has a cool idea by combining the two.The site is offered only in English and it seems that most users are from the United States.

According to Alexa the site is now back in the top 100k which is a turnaround and growing back to it's old position to be one of the more popular roulette, real-free-sex-chat, best-adult-webcams, online-sex-cams, sex-on-hidden-cam, sex-cam-online, live-sexchat, chat-video-free, free-cam-chatrooms, web-camsex, live-cam-porn-free, free-no-sign-up-sex-cam, sex-video-cams, free-webcam-live-sex, web-cam-chat-adult, website-live-chat, sexy-web-cam, sex-cam2cam, sexy-live-chat, shemales-cam, more tags.Live Cam4 was launched in December of 2009 and is one of the earlier sites like Chatroulette to open after the original.They have a decent amount of users online and used to be more popular than they are now but still have a decent following.According to Alexa their rankings started to fall about 6 months ago and they now have turned around and started growing again.They now rank in the top 10 of our list and a great site worth checking out.

Update 5-6-2013: Live Cam4 has implemented a new roulette application that is much better than the old one they were using.

You can actually connect now and you do not have to wait over a minute to see the next stranger. we really think this change will help the site start growing again because for a while they were losing ground to many of the better roulette sites.

With their social network and this new roulette combined we am sure they will once again rise to greatness.

If the owners of the site are reading this, we wish you luck with your new format and we will be helping you by sending you users so your roulette has enough users to make it fun!

Update 5-24-2013: Just as we predicted Live Cam4 is growing again and now in the top 100k of Alexa, at the pace they are moving the site will be back in the top 5 on our list in no time.

By adding a new Chatroulette application which was a great decision, the site is coming back and everyone here is happy to see one of the oldest alternatives getting popular again!

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