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She admits that she had given online dating a try a couple of times in the past.

She even said, « I’m a big advocate of all of the dating sites! Like normal people who sometimes have the urge to seek for love (be it conventional or unconventional way), celebrities are no exception.Below is a list of some renowned celebrities who admitted that they’ve dared to indulge in the guilty pleasure of online dating! The dashing Deborah Ann Woll is a testament of online dating success.The immaculate powerhouse actress once admitted to indulge in online dating. However, she had never revealed her identity online. I have been to a couple of dating ones just to see what everybody is talking about. » The popular Go On Star, Matthew Perry’s account on Millionaire Match was once leaked on the internet. She and her boyfriend EJ Scott met and fell in love on She says their love of comic books was the secret of their glue-like bond.The soulful Grammy bag-packer who spun a great deal of No.1 hits admitted on her self-titled biography that she had resorted to online dating in the past.

She even confessed that she didn’t receive any responses because she was not allowed to put her picture. Carrie, one of the judges of the hit dancing show « Dancing with the Stars, » reportedly met her ex-beau on e Harmony.

According to Carrie, the main reason behind is that she needs to find guys of her age, rather than those who are younger than her.

Here’s a bit of a trivia, Jenny Mc Carthy checks the option « I am looking for men between 35-48 » on online dating sites.

” Rightfully so, she met the man of her dreams online.

The deceased ultimate comedian, Joan Rivers, had a profile on

Her profile banner reads: « I love smart men, funny men, elegant men… As we all know, trying out online dating doesn’t always mean that someone is desperate and hopeless.

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    She admits that she had given online dating a try a couple of times in the past.

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    Well, with her beauty and looks, she could easily get a date! It seemed that Patti Stanger from The Millionaire Matchmaker needed a little hand in love because she opted to seek help!

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    Well, all is good and lovely because that’s her thing!