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Christian dating advice physical attraction - Sex Chat

“I don't care what she'll look like,” the young man declared about his yet-unknown future bride.“I'll love her for who she is inside.” Everyone in the small gathering of young people looked at him with distinctly unconvinced expressions.

” As if something appalling had been said, we collectively turned to the youth minister, who had been quietly backing away from the conversation.We're not souls longing to be freed from bodies but rather to have resurrected ones (1 Cor -57).The body is a necessary and good part of God's design of every person you meet.So loving the inside of a person while disregarding the outside is not the biblical ideal of love.Just read Song of Solomon if you don't believe me. No woman wants a Valentine's Day card that says, “You're so sweet on the inside, it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside.” No man does either, though admittedly we are the visually inferior half of our race.With an uneasy smile, he said, “Well, you can make a pretty girl spiritual, but you can't make a spiritual girl pretty.” Everyone sensed the sarcasm in his maxim, but it didn't bring much resolution to the dilemma. This question comes up a lot in my current ministry, too, usually in the form of a single friend feeling guilty for not being attracted to an otherwise worthy romantic candidate.

I usually tell friends they shouldn't feel guilty for not being attracted to someone—but they shouldn't think the matter is necessarily settled, either.

The importance of physical attraction is related to the importance of the body itself. That's a fancy way of saying that we are souls.

This is, in fact, God's ideal for us even in eternity.

But before we settle into holding out for that girl with the right curves or the guy with the square jaw, let me point out that the importance of the body does not necessarily validate our personal preferences regarding what it should look like.

Marital love involves valuing your spouse's body.

But this isn't exactly the same thing as finding it attractive, at least not in the way we typically think of finding something attractive.

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