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The stress of picking the right clothing or starting the right conversation is enough to keep anyone at home.

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“In today’s situation, you could spend $100 on dinner and not even be interested in the person.So through Sin City Speed Dating, you get to go out with a number of different people, pay a relatively small amount and still have a great experience.”After purchasing a ticket, attendees have the option to speak with a dating coach before the event to walk them through the process, provide conversation tips or answer questions.“Traditionally, you would just purchase a ticket, show up to the event and take your chances,” Pocker said.“I realized that people are really anxious for this, and a lot of the times, they are forced in the door by friends or family members.So I hired some dating coaches to help prepare them for what is to come.”Dating coach Angie Shaw said she explains to attendees the importance of body language, appropriate conversation subjects and how to remain relaxed.“I’ve been divorced, so I know that dating has changed a lot over the years, especially with all the technology,” Shaw said.“I run a Twitter advice page called @flirtyafter30, and even my friends call me in the middle of their dates for advice, so I joined (Pocker) to put my advice to good use.”One tip Shaw emphasizes is to avoid immediately sharing sad stories about ex-partners.“Yes, we all have pasts, but we can save that for another conversation,” Shaw said.“You should focus on things that you have in common and things that are deal breakers.

And with theses niche groups, you go into this already sharing certain interests.

Use that to your advantage.”During the event, attendees have three-minute dates with 10 potential partners.

Each event accommodates up to 20 attendees.“I’ve read a lot of studies that if the group is too large, people start to focus heavily on only one or two individuals because they can only process so much.

Then if they aren’t matched with anyone, they feel that they had a bad experience,” Pocker said.

“With a smaller group, you might be attracted to four or five people, and statistically, two or three might be attracted to you back.”At the end of each date, attendees write on a paper if they are interested in their date. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

If there is a mutual interest, Pocker and his team will exchange the individuals’ contact information by email within 48 hours.“We make it so you cannot exchange information during the dates,” Pocker said. Contact Henderson View reporter Caitlyn Belcher at [email protected] 702-383-0403.

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