Consolidating servers vmware

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Because True Port is a virtual COM port driver it is not restricted by VMWare’s hardware or software COM port limitations.This enables each VM to communicate with at least 4096 serial devices attached to Perle Device Servers, True Port also allows VMs to share access to these serial devices.

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The resulting server sprawl is costly in terms of capital and people needed to operate, manage, and upgrade new servers.When consolidating multiple servers with serial devices into a VMWare virtual machine (VM) environment it is not practical, or sometimes not possible, to install a sufficient number of COM ports into the VMWare Server.All VM environments have limitations on installing additional or unsupported hardware.Many have limitations on the number of COM ports available to each VM.Perle’s True Port utility allows you to create virtual COM ports when installed into the VM Guest OS.Server consolidation with VMware software provides a solution for these challenges.

Virtual infrastructure enables unprecedented levels of workload isolation, granular resource control for all of the system’s computing and I/O resources.

Virtual Infrastructure integrates well with existing system management software and improves return on investment in shared storage (SAN).

By consolidating physical systems in the data centre onto servers with VMware virtual infrastructure, enterprises experience: Servers running IT infrastructure applications represent the majority of Intel Architecture server sprawl.

The applications in this category are represented by file and print server, directory infrastructure, web servers, firewalls, NAT/ DHCP servers and so on.

Although most of these servers are only utilized by 10-15%, architectural, security, and compatibility issues lead to recommendation to dedicate a separate physical platform to each of these applications.

Managing, patching, and securing these servers takes valuable IT time.