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So the first step in debt consolidation is simply to consider whether it will actually work for you. If you have multiple credit card accounts or loans consolidation may be a way to simplify or lower payments. There are many ways to consolidate your credit card and other debt such as with a 0% APR credit card a home equity loan or a personal loan. If you are thinking about debt consolidation you might want to first consult a non-profit credit counselor.

My credit union is offering debt consolidation loans with a lower rate than any of my cardsshould I take that use it to pay off all of my cards and only have one low-interest bill to pay every month? P2offers loans of all types so you can even avoid the credit card trap altogether and finance just about anything you'd normally put on a credit card. Consolidation means that your various debts whether they are credit card bills or loan payments are rolled into one monthly payment. If you are struggling to pay off multiple credit cards consolidating your debt may allow you to reduce your interest rates and lower your monthly payment.The issuer of the card (usually a bank) creates a revolving account and grants a line of credit to the cardholder, from which the cardholder can borrow money for payment to a merchant or as a cash advance.A credit card is different from a charge card, where it requires the balance to be repaid in full each month. Ask yourself a few questions to see if debt consolidation is really what you need. Should I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan to Pay Off My Credit Cards? That way you can get away from the high interest rates and reduce your monthly payments to just a single payment on just the one personal loan. Our free resources help you have the information you need to make informed financial decisions. If you are thinking about debt consolidation you might want to first consult a non-profit credit counselor. How can I consolidate my credit card debt into a loan? However if you are carrying credit card balances at high interest rates it makes sense to consolidate as much of your credit card debt as possible into a personal loan. Answer Consolidating credit card debt depends on your situation.

With an unsecured personal loan via Lending Club you can pay off your high interest credit card debt and consolidate it into a single monthly payment with a fixed low rate.

Better Rates Lower your rate by an average of 32% 1. CREDIT CARD HELP The basic fundamentals of credit cards.

Borrowers who used a personal loan via Lending Club to pay off high interest credit cards or consolidate debt report in a survey that the interest rate on their loan was an average of 32% lower than they were paying on their outstanding debt or credit cards. Home Picking the right card Credit reports scores Preventing handling debt.

Circle the date your credit cards will be paid off.

Here are the things to consider if you want to consolidate your credit card debt.

However a lower monthly payment can mean a longer repayment term and more interest paid over the life of the loan.

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