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Bullying has taken on a whole new genre in the cyberspace realm. Only with cyberbullying, often times the bully is unknown or is posing as the victim himself.For Cyberbullying resources, we are referring you to - the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State College.

Additional Internet Safety Resources acan be found by clicking HERE.This web site is designed to inform staff of the dangers of the Internet and of Cyberspace and to provide resources for you and your students to safely peruse the information super, super highway.Click on any of the links on this page for more, in-depth information and resources.(often abbreviated simply to IM) offers real-time communication and allows easy collaboration, which might be considered more akin to genuine conversation than email's "letter" format.In contrast to , the parties know whether the peer is available.The district AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) is currently undergoing updates and modifications to meet the challenges of our new cyberspace-based system of communication.

In any given moment, our students and staff can be communicating via electronic systems and devices that were only a dream or a Star-Trek-type gadget a few short years ago: With the advances in technology and communication, comes new challenges to the safety of our students.

Many of them, young, naive and trusting, are giving out personal information that can and is being used to hurt them.

Our young people are becoming victims of cyberstalkers, Internet predators, peer predators and bullying.

Most systems allow the user to set an online status or away message so peers are notified when the user is available, busy, or away from the computer.

On the other hand, people are not forced to reply immediately to incoming messages.

For this reason, some people consider communication via instant messaging to be less intrusive than communication via .

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