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As the sincerity is evident from both men, Se-kyung’s choice is not wrong, shortsighted or dumb.Ray seems like the bad choice at first glance; he’s the one people usually consider the “worse guy.” Yet it’s Ray that puts himself on the line to love Se-kyung, something Ah-rang didn’t truly do, even at the very end.

But as the episodes have gone on, I’ve grown to like the mysterious side to him, and now that certain events have passed, the elusive quality is even more appealing.It gives viewers something to ponder and anticipate as the mini-arches fly by us.We last left off with our favorite fictional idol with the ego the size of the earth’s mission, also known as Ray’s (Taemin) case, start to see signs of weakness.Ah-rang is in an unfortunate love triangle with the client and his object of affection, Se-kyung.But before you start thinking that this show is going to fiddle with our hearts for eternity, let’s go back to the premise of this particular case: young love.The sticking point of episode four is not that the whole scenario turned out to be a love triangle, but why and how we deal with love as young people and how those perceptions often result in love triangles and wavering feelings.

Se-kyung deals with un-requited love and dilemma of choosing between two immensely flawed men—one of which loves her when he realizes he’s about to lose her, the other loves her because she was the only one who didn’t immediately love him first.

Neither man is perfect, but it goes to show that it’s sometimes worth taking the risk.

continues to be easy, breezy, fun, and even has a splash of insight.

But more importantly, in recent episodes, the story concerning our main quintet has amped up tremendously, as all our characters have finally gotten into significant personal story lines.

And in the last episode (10), the leading trio of Seung-pyo (“Master”), Min-young (“Gong-stone”), and Byung-hoon (“Seo Il-rok” or “Sherlock”) has finally got a wrench thrown into their triangular relationship, making my wait for the next episode (at the time I’m writing this) even more agonizing.

It’s rather ironic that in my first impressions of the show, I wasn’t too happy with the character development and overzealous (practically comical) secrecy of Master.

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