Dating a fender bass

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Dating a fender bass - Online sex

The bass also shares much in common with the Jaguar electric guitar and the Bass VI models with its switch-based pickup design, and active/passive mode switching.The Jaguar Bass was originally made available in the United States with a black finish, and a "Hot Rod Red" finish with a cite web |url= Rós Bring Down the Museum of Modern Art |author=Boylan, Gabriel |publisher=New York Magazine |date=2008-06-16 |accessdate=2008-09-15cite web |url= |title=Q: Have you been using a Fender Jaguar bass whilst touring with The Who?

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body contains two active/passive Jazz Bass pickups controlled via a variety of switching and tone options.In addition to large rotary master volume and tone knobs in the typical Jazz Bass position, the Jaguar Bass has an active/passive switch located in the upper bout and two adjacent roller knobs which control bass and treble cut when the bass is in active mode.In the lower bout are three additional switches: an on/off switch for each of the pickups and a switch for choosing between series and parallel wiring of the pickups.The thin, C-shape one-piece maple neck (similar to that of the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass) has a rosewood fingerboard and aged pearloid block inlays. at the January 2006 cite web |url= |title="Fender Jaguar Bass & Pino Palladino Precision Bass" |author=Leigh, Bill |coauthors=Herrera, Jonathan; Olwell, Greg |year=2006 |month=April |publisher=Bass Player |work=Bass Player: Online Edition |accessdate=2008-08-11) and Black (without matching headstock) in the United States.The bass also has a standard chrome vintage-style top-load 4-saddle bridge and vintage-style chrome tuners. Olympic White and Sunburst (with a 4-ply brown tortoise scratchplate) were available in the Japanese market.As of 2008, these finishes are now available worldwide; neither with the color-matched headstock of the Hot Rod Red version.

History In 1960, Fender introduced the Jazz Bass, which was originally known as the "Deluxe Model" (in relation to the previously released Precision Bass).

Fender marketed the Jazz Bass as a stablemate to the Jazzmaster electric guitar, as it featured a narrower neck which appealed to electric guitar which was released in 1962.

Fender produced the Jaguar electric guitar until 1975, when both the Bass VI and Jaguar lines were discontinued.

However, in 1999, due to popular use of the Jaguar by musicians, the model was revived by Fender.

From 2004 to 2006, Fender also produced the Jaguar Bass VI Custom which was a cross between the Bass VI and Jaguar.

Prior to the forthcoming discontinuation of the Jaguar Bass VI Custom, Fender unveiled the Jaguar Bass at the 2006 annual The Jaguar Bass is similar to the Jazz Bass in that it has a narrower jazz-style neck and two vintage single-coil jazz-style pickups.