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(CNN) -- After more than two decades of marriage, Rhonda Hayes, at 55 with two grown children, didn't expect to be single again. Nine months later, her daughter suggested Hayes try online dating.Older and wiser then when she married, Hayes decided to give the dating game another try.

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‘Don’t tell the children until it becomes significant,’ Praver [a clinical psychologist] advises.” Older daters also have to think about what to call a significant other.Of course this is a minor concern since finding and connecting with someone is really the major hurdle.Some mature daters aren’t crazy about terms “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.One woman told CNN that she refers to the man she is dating as her “love slave” but noted that this was not something she planned to share with her sons.For people who are not used to looking for love online, this can be quite an adjustment.If you haven’t dated since before you became a parent, your children may be skeptical.

One expert gave the parents of adult children the same advice that is often given to the parents of young children: “Many gray divorcees have older children who can’t — or don’t want to — picture their parents on dates.

When and how to break the news depends on the age and maturity level of the children.

has given tips to people referred to as “gray divorcees.” Gray divorcees are people who have divorced after the age of 50.

The news outlet offered online dating tips for people who may have made their last foray into the dating world at a time when dating was much more formal.

Older daters may be used to being set up or meeting people at school dances or other community events that they do not attend anymore.

After having spent years with the same person, you are not used to having to think about getting to know new people with romance as the aim.

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