Dating age limit in texas

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Dating age limit in texas - Sex Chat

EMAIL RECEIVED: I am writing to you suggesting that you apply a small note letting Texans know that the age of consent is 17 if you are within three years of the age of that person.

We have re-verified the law ( and it clearly states that it is a defense to having sexual intercourse with a person UNDER 17 if the accused is within three years of age.When you apply for a marriage license you give the state the right to the "fruits of the marriage" other words, applying for a license gave the state the power to set what was right and wrong for your child. 1, 1994.(EDITOR NOTE: This would be Texas' "Statutory Rape" law) A person commits sexual assault against a child when the person penetrates the anus or female sexual organ of a child by any means.The point is - the relationship is against the law and a parent can't "consent" away the legal implications. penetrates the mouth of a child with the actor's sexual organ.We stand behind our entry that the age of sexual consent in Texas is 17.Also added 03-2002: I live in Austin, Texas and I am doing research on a case for a friend.

I have found very valuable information on your site and appreciate all the work which has gone into its content.

I was, however, unable to find any information on "Parental Consent".

Is there any provision in the law as it applies to the legal age of consent?

Simply put; can a parent or guardian give permission to an adult male, to date their child (in this case a 16 year old daughter) and engage in consensual sexual relations with her?

EDITOR: No one can give permission to break the law.

The historical significance to this is the use of the marriage license.