Dating an anxious man

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Dating an anxious man - Sex Chat

A age gap dating advice blog that provides valuable tips when dating older men and younger women.Thought-provoking relationship tips for older men seeking to date younger women.

Contributors are not all licensed or trained in relationship counseling. After all, we all know that men - superficial creatures that they are - judge a woman on her looks.But there's a commonly-held belief that women are infinitely less shallow.They might fantasise about a tall, dark stranger whisking them off for a night of passion, but when it comes to looking for a partner, they value wit, kindness and success just as much as good looks. Stan, a 31-year-old writer, has been tortured by his looks almost all his life.It has now been published as a book, Bete de Jour - the title a self-deprecating play on words on the anonymous call-girl blogger Belle de Jour.And it's struck a chord with the millions of other men who believe they are also too ugly to find love.

So what is it like to be an ugly man in Britain today?

Can it really be as tough for a man as for a woman?

Taking a deep breath, Stan Cattermole sidles into a crowded London wine bar.

Blinking nervously, he looks around to find himself in what should be every red-blooded man's idea of heaven.

Ten attractive single women are sitting at individual tables, each waiting expectantly to talk to him. 'I popped a mint in my mouth, fixed on my name tag and promptly fainted,' he confesses. In fact, he believes that he is so ugly that women won't want to spend even ten minutes with him, let alone allow him to prove what a lovable, loyal partner he might be.

It's a speed-dating night, and Stan has ten minutes to woo and charm each of the ten women. For the past two years, Stan has been writing a hugely popular blog about his experiences looking for love.