Dating anniversaries to celebrate

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Dating anniversaries to celebrate - Sex Chat

What if your partner forgot your wedding anniversary, how would you react? @font-face { font-family: 'myriadpro-regular'; src: url('myriadpro-regular.eot'); src: url('

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Explain one or two ways in which couples celebrate their wedding anniversary, whether it be the first, tenth, or fiftieth. Imagine that you have been married exactly one year.

Plan the ideal date to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Use the Internet to find the perfect gift and an expensive restaurant in your area.

In years past, we’ll go out to a nice dinner (or he’ll cook), and exchange cards. Well last friday we went to dinner at Flemings Steakhouse for what I thought was a celebration of his birthday, which was earlier in the week.

At dinner, he made the decision that we were celebrating our anniversary instead. I get home yesterday and was excited about relaxing with him. When I gave him my card, he said he ‘thought we already celebrated this..” .

I’ll be honest, I was kind of expecting him to get me flowers because he has every year we’ve celebrated this. I know we have a “new anniversary”…but I dont think expecting a card to mark 5 years together is asking too much.