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The company has a longstanding tradition of excellence, dating back to the 1800s, and its collectibles are a favorite of contemporary collectors.There are a number of older Royal Doulton items that are highly sought after, including figurines,, vases, and dinnerware, as well as the whimsical Toby mugs, which are mugs in the shape of a person or character, often just the head or face.

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They later became known as Doulton & Watts, and eventually Doulton & Company.In the 1880s, Doulton & Company gained the attention and recognition of the British royalty, including Queen Victoria.She even knighted John Doulton's son, Henry, in 1887 for his innovative contributions to England's ceramic arts.In 1901, King Edward VII granted the company a Royal warrant, which allowed it to use the word "royal" in its name, this coining the name Royal Doulton.I've picked up a lovely old Watteau plate by Doulton, and I've noticed while doing my research that the pottery marks on the backs of the pieces vary considerably.In particular, the crescent moon of the Doulton mark appears in different places.

Does this correspond to a date code for the piece at all?

I'd like to find out the age of the plate I found - it's not in the best of shape; but if it's really old, then I'd understand the condition of it.

Can someone point me to a reference for dating Doulton marks?

Thanks, Nancy [/img] Thanks, I had whizzed through this page at some point, and not noticed the imprint on my piece - it looks like the earliest one, between 18 (plus something that looks like a flower pot with the word Watteau under it).

I still don't know the significance of the crescent moon and why it's in different places on different examples I've seen, though - huh. The plate isn't really in good enough shape to be worth anything except for curiosity's sake, but now I've got a much better idea of the age.

Royal Doulton is considered the world's most successful manufacturer of pottery and stoneware, and its collectibles and fine china have been actively collected for more than 200 years.

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