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Dating forum eharmony - Online sex

This is a somewhat biased opinion seen as ive never used a dating site and never would.But anyway in my expierence from what i have seen personally these dating sites become an addiction with time.

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I keep seeing these annoying ads for this dating site that started in the states and apparently 2% of married people met on that site Is it actually any good and how much does it cost ?And do women really ignore the photos and go on the match that the computer has come up with ? People who use online dating sites dont look at your profiles unless you rate about 9 or 10 in the looks department. It often gets slagged off and you would see why if you ever joined.People who use online dating sites "notably women" have expectations so unrealistic they are likely to be single forever.Now onto a different point, i have noticed on many females profiles on online dating sites that they seem to complain of sex pests, this despite the fact their pictures look like they came out of the readers wives section of "RAZZLE" Those that complain of thick people, this despite the fact they put lol or pmsl after every "banal" statement.Avoid Avoid Avoid I used it in the States and it was okay.Talked to a few nice people but nothing ever came of it.

My friend Jon found his current GF on there and theyve been pretty much inseparable since meeting 2 years ago.

The questions they ask aren't your normal dating site questions and you need to go through about 3 or so stages of 'talking' before youre even allowed to get that persons email to talk further.

Youre only sent results that match your responses and you dont really 'search' for people youre sent results based on the questions answered.

Theres not an option for 'hook ups' or friends with benefits, its about both parties looking for something more than just a casual thing.

I think if youre lucky to find someone who is in the same mind set as you as what youre both looking for, it really works.

BTW I found my partner online, but not through a dating site.

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