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Dating homepages - Adult Chat Rooms

This is an extensively illustrated book, and it is only in the context of a visual example that you can fully appreciate the negative impact of ignoring these guidelines. Although you can greatly improve the usability of your homepage by following these guidelines, you also need to involve your own users in the process through methods such as field studies and usability testing and incorporate iterative feedback into your development cycle.

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Most of these topics deserve a level of detail that we feel is best left to separate books and reports, many of which exist already and are listed here.One of the most important design decisions for any homepage is determining what content merits homepage coverage.We don't address this issue in these guidelines because it depends on each site's users and tasks, as well as the company's business goals.Unfortunately, many companies' corporate politics drive homepage design more than users' needs do.While many of these guidelines can apply to web design in general, they are especially critical to follow when designing your homepage, because the stakes are so high.Your homepage is often your first — and possibly your last — chance to attract and retain each customer, rather like the front page of a newspaper.

One of the biggest values of a newspaper's front page is the priority given to top news items.

All homepages would benefit from being treated like a front page of a major newspaper, with editors who determine the high-priority content and ensure continuity and style consistency.

Even small changes to homepages can have drastic effects. If you kept all design and writing exactly the same on this site but decided to show only local New York content on the homepage and link to all national and international news, it would inexorably alter the entire site.

On closer examination, this change doesn't seem small at all.

While we encourage you to use these guidelines as a checklist when designing your homepage, recognize that they are written in an abbreviated manner here.

You'll need to look at the individual site examples to see these guidelines used properly or, more often, overlooked. However, we've developed these guidelines from our combined 14 years of experience, running user tests on homepages and observing what makes them pass or fail user scrutiny.