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That's progress for , because none of us had any clue what he was doing this time last year.These past nine episodes have been about Oliver reclaiming his identity outside of the Green Arrow persona – it even feels like he's been wearing the suit less this season – and holding onto the life he's somehow managed to build for himself since returning from Lian Yu.

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As previously stated, however, happiness doesn't last on this show, and nor would we want it to.that no one can be happy for more than three weeks.Whether it's self-fulfilment, becoming a capable superhero or finding contentment with a loved one, it's all going to get taken away in the most horrendous, violent way possible, and it's all in aid of our sick, twisted viewing pleasure.Because, though the end of this episode was extremely cruel, you can't deny that it was also the capper to an excellent episode full of personal stakes and a connection to the main themes running through season four in a way last year never grasped.You can track Oliver's evolution from the moment he rode off into the sunset to now, and also more or less predict how he's going to react to the events of this episode when we come back.Yes, it's hard not to feel a little gooey when watching Oliver propose to Felicity, surrounded by his closest friends and family having just thwarted Damien Dhark's latest evil plan, but that's not the show we want to watch week to week.

Oliver's still Oliver, and I love how much work this season has done to rebuild him after the Ra's al Ghul fiasco without completely bypassing his established personality.

After HIVE's first attack at the beach, for example, he reverts immediately to 'everything is my fault' mode, only reminded that it's not his burden to bear alone by Thea, Diggle, Felicity and Laurel.

When three of the four are captured later, it's left to Laurel to talk him down.

I know my Laurel Appreciation Club is just me and broom at this point, but I still think she's incredibly important to the dynamic has crafted, and that was proven by how she interacted with a distraught Oliver during this episode.

More than the others, Black Canary was forged in fire the same way as the Arrow yet is still fighting to be recognised as an equal.

I worry though that all of this lovely character development might be forgotten in the 'Olicity' haze that will no doubt hangover the mid-season premiere (and probably beyond).

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