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However, Vicky had a few positive influences in her life.She had a handful of gay friends with whom she felt comfortable being herself, so she would dress as a woman and party with them.

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Her father sent her to see a local psychiatrist, who explained that she was suffering from gender dysphoria.She left the country as a young man because, for years, she had been heckled, bullied, and threatened.Now, as a young woman, Vicky Wallace, 33, is afraid for her life after she was assaulted and repeatedly threatened by homophobic men.Born Ricky Wallace, Vicky knew she was different from a young age, as she preferred dresses and dolls to toy trucks and blocks, and related to girls better than she did to boys.At age 16, she told her parents that she felt she was a woman born in the wrong body.As a gay, effeminate boy, Vicky was called names, was bullied by her schoolmates as well as by people in her neighbourhood, and would lose friends once they realised she saw herself as female.

This led to her questioning her existence, suffering from depression, and having panic attacks.

When she graduated from secondary school, she got a job at a book store in Long Circular Mall, St James where she worked from age 17 to 23.

There too, she was teased and bullied by co-workers because of her effeminate mannerisms.

With a name for what she was feeling, the love and support of her immediate family, and a better understanding of herself, Vicky began doing research.

Working in the book shop, I read certain books which made me understand how I was different.

Then I went on the Internet and researched how I felt and I found other people like me men who felt they were girls, Vicky tells Sunday Newsday.

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    The first time I hugged him, it beat any feeling I've experienced in my life.