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Susan Dunn, EQ coach of Momentum Coaching asks, "Companionship without commitment? Knight is dating Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, according to Robertson in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. A vigilant Target shopper led Glendale police to a 57-year-old man suspected of soliciting his teenage girlfriend online and in text messages with strangers, police said. It is time to soak up Gawker Media's final days of freedom before the irreverent, influential and financially doomed media company goes up for sale next week.The shopper spotted the couple last Thursday at the Glendale Galleria Target ... Stepping out for dinner in NYC with actor Ray Liotta, Lady Gaga isn't wasting any time getting over her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney. Check out the details on their cozy dinner date below. As of Wednesday morning, tucked between the site's daily news ...

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Some people in my life seem to think that I have a ring in my pocket at all times, just waiting to give it to someone, but that ...Other reasons from the study included: to have fun, find a partner, find someone to marry and to fulfill sexual needs. Knowing when you're ready to date is just as important as why.Understanding why you want to date is an important first step in the process. Generally, experience and distance from relationships gives a person not just a needed break, but also some insight into their motivations and what they need from a relationship.This gives you a clear objective and eliminates unnecessary time spent in relationships that have nothing to do with your objective. If you're going to step out again here are a few things to consider: If you have these three collared, you're ready to get back out there. Herrera is a freelance writer and author of The Contemporary Woman's Guide to Midlife: Essays and Resources for Life Transitions.In addition to dating motivations, the new single should consider what type of relationship they want. She's currently working on her next book, Contemporary Woman's Guide to Midlife Dating and publishes an online magazine for midlife women, 40+ Evidently Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight is winning over more than just his new teammates and fans.More American women over 45 are single, than ever before. According to Christian Science Monitor writer, Marilyn Gardner, "To newly minted singles coming out of long marriages, the prospect of dating can be daunting."At the initial phase of dating, the boomer woman may want to ask herself, "why date? In 2003, AARP conducted a study asking participants why they dated and found "the single most have someone to talk to or do things with." This reason accounted for almost half of the singles in the study.

According to the latest population surveys, someone turns 50 every 8 seconds in the U. One woman from an email group didn't agree, "If these two reasons were the only reason for a woman to date it might be less complicated if she ran around with another woman instead of a man.

She wouldn't have to worry about giving the guy the wrong signals. "Once you know what you want, you can learn to ask for what you want.

If I dated a guy it would also be because I found him sexually attractive," she said. Don't be shy when you begin dating, the time (and heart) you save is your own.

Is Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx or Joshua Jackson?

A tabloid claimed this week that the former Dawson's Creek actors are in a relationship again. Holmes and Jackson dated back in the 1990s, when they co-starred ...

John Mellencamp and Christie Brinkley made it for almost a year as a couple, but now they're done.

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